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Removable Faucet Hose Connector

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Removable Faucet Hose Connector

Keep your hose from unfastening and have a smooth watering experience with this removable faucet hose connector!

This heavy-duty faucet adapter successfully attaches on both the faucet spout and hose to provide a tightened maximum connection. Allowing it to keep the connected hose from loosening and easily breaking free even with an immense water pressure flow. Moreover, it can also be used not only for faucets, but even works to effectively join water pipes and other hoses together. The faucet adapter joint also adopts a white fixing knob that can be easily rotated for better water-tight sealing effect. Preventing unwanted water wastage due to leaks and messy splashes from the connection.  

The faucet hose connector even boasts a secured connection without causing any sort of water blocking. Providing you a perfectly smooth and uninterrupted quick high-pressure water flow at all times, but without the spillage and splashes issues. What’s more? It supports a user-friendly design which allows the faucet connector to be attached or removed anytime with great ease and speed. This faucet hose joint has a concave mouth feature that can smartly conform for different faucet types and hose with 16mm-20mm diameter. Making it the best tool for garden faucet/hose, backyard outdoor faucet-hose, car cleaning hose, bathroom faucet/hose, kitchen faucet/hose, and so on. 

Say goodbye to unwanted leakage or water hose constantly loosening and use this removable faucet hose connector! 


  • Powerful Connection
    An innovative faucet adapter joint that easily attaches to the hose and faucet spout to provide maximum secured connection in no time. It allows the hose tube to successfully stay firm in place and prevent it from breaking free even when you release extreme water pressure flow from the faucet. No need to secure it with unnecessary items like rubber electrical tape and rubber bands which only unfastens and break overtime. This hose connector also adopts an excellent water-tight sealing performance to keep unwanted spillage and splashes wastage from gushing out the connection. Featuring a white fixing knob that can be smoothly rotated to strengthen the adapter gripped. What’s more? It does not only work for faucet connection, but it can be also used for joining water pipes and other hoses together!

  • Smooth Uninterrupted Water Flow
    This heavy-duty adapter can hold tightly and works effectively at all times without causing any sort of obstruction. Allowing it to secure your hose while still ensuring you with a perfectly smooth and quick high-pressure water flow just like before. Moreover, the faucet connector can grip on both the hose and faucet spout without leaving behind damages and scratches unlike with other products.

  • Quick Loading and Unloading
    The smart faucet joint promotes a user-friendly design that can be directly and effortlessly fixed in place in a breeze. Just simply insert the adapter through the hose, connect the hose to the faucet spout, then slide the adapter until it connects to the faucet and hose. After that, rotate the white knob to tighten accordingly, and you're done. This faucet hose connector can be also removed anytime with great ease and speed. No more complicated installation and the need for multiple tools anymore!   

  • Wide Application
    This removable faucet hose connector supplies a concave buckle style for better sealing hold and easier application. Furthermore, its concave design can also smartly conform for a wide range of faucet types and hose with 16mm to 20mm inner diameter. Suitable for garden faucet/hose, backyard outdoor faucet-hose, car cleaning hose, bathroom faucet/hose, kitchen faucet/hose, and more possibilities. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened ABS plastic materials that boasts remarkable durability, sealing, and connection performance. It guarantees to hold out against multiple years of everyday usage and exposure to immense water pressure without deforming, breaking, rusting, and molding. This faucet hose connector does not emit any odor or harmful chemical leaching that might affect the water to ensure overall safety, health, and hygiene.  


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Removable Faucet Hose Connector