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Triangular Furniture Bracket Support Set

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Triangular Furniture Bracket Support Set

Keep your furniture sturdily upright only with this multifunctional corner bracket support!

An innovative trapezoidal shape thickened metal bracket that provides an ultimate stabilizing support performance. Allowing you to successfully keep wobbling furniture steadily firm and make uneven panels upright. Moreover, this support brace supplies high-strength and incredible load-bearing that can hold out against heavy-duty usage without deformation. Featuring a universal angle installation that can be conveniently fixed on various furniture corners or for connecting 2 panels together. Making it the best solution to save your shelves and other furniture from swaying, shaking, getting lopsided or worse from completely breaking down.  

This multifunctional bracket support can serve as a solid pillar for different unsteady furniture and panels. Perfect for shelves, cabinets, chair legs, bookshelves, table legs, chair corners, drawers, cupboards, bed frames, furniture panels, and so on. No worries as it already has a smart pre-holed design where you can effortlessly drill on to keep you from the guesswork. Made with durable, anti-corrosion stainless steel that boasts to withstand multiple years of stable support without wearing-off. A must-have for every quick repairs, construction work, handymen and women, fathers, DIYers, hobbyists, and more possibilities.

Say no more to shaky or leaning structural furniture panels using this multifunctional corner bracket support! 


  • Maximum Structural Support
    A specially-constructed, thickened bracket featuring a clever trapezoidal shape that boasts an ultimate stabilizing support performance. Making it an ideal solution for keeping wobbly furniture fixed and firm as well as assisting uneven panels seriously upright. This trapezoid bracket adopts an impressive strength and load-bearing capacity that guarantees to withstand daily heavy-usage without deformation, bending, and weakening. It can withstand weighty shelves and heavy thickened furniture panels while remaining solid and secured in place. Saving you from the risk and worries of getting your furniture swaying, shaking, getting lopsided, and worse completely breaking down.  

  • Multi-Sided Fixed Installation
    Adopts a smart trapezoid style that can go nicely and fit into every corner to provide a well-even, maximum support. Moreover, its unique shape and multiple pre-holed design delivers an excellent multi-sided installation convenience. Allowing it to successfully stabilize different furniture panels, create a solid support or even for connecting 2 panels together and so on. No worries as it has a smooth finish and modish appearance that can seamlessly blend into the corners and structure of your furniture. Preventing it from standing out awkwardly and looking like obvious furniture supports. 

  • Wide Range of Application
    Can effectively stabilize and serves as an incredible pillar for a variety of lopsided or wobbly furniture and panels. Suitable for shelves, cabinets, chair legs, bookshelves, table legs, chair corners, drawers, cupboards, bed frames, furniture panels, and more possibilities. The perfect support tool especially for quick home repairs, construction work, handymen and women, fathers, DIYers, hobbyists, and so on.  

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    This multifunctional furniture bracket can effortlessly transform dangerously wobbly panels into a safe, solid structure in no time. Simply position the bracket into the corner of the panel you're supporting according to your needs, drill to the right pre-hole, repeat until all corners that you need to stabilize are supported, and you're all good. No more complicated installation set ups, several unnecessary tools, and sticky gluing needed anymore! What’s more? It saves you from leaving your furniture with multiple unsightly damages as the bracket is already pre-holed so you don’t have to guesswork on where to drill only to end up wrong.

  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest-grade, 2mm thickened solid stainless steel metal material that delivers an ultimate stable support. It has an ultra-smooth polished finish that can be confidently held and works on without causing hand cuts, scratches, and injuries. This versatile furniture support bracket also promotes an unparalleled durability that promises to hold out against several years of continuous support without damaging and rusting. 


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size(as below): 67x14mm


  • 2PCS /8PCS/16PCS of Triangular Furniture Bracket Support Set (With screws)