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Speedy-Charge Nylon Cable

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Speedy-Charge Nylon Cable

Spend less time when boosting up your device using this 6A super fast charging cord!  

This cord supports an impressive 6A high-speed and stable charging that can fully power up mobiles in less than an hour. It also provides a 480mbps data transfer which can smoothly move photos, videos, music, and documents to another device in a breeze. No worries as this cable delivers up to a maximum 66W while still having a constant temperature over a period of time. Preventing your batteries from overheating even when you optimize your phone while charging or forgot to unplug it.

The charging cord is built with a sturdy nylon-wrapped design that can hold out to extreme  bending, stretching, tugging and such. Moreover, it has an extended head cover for additional protection which can be also flexed with no damage. The supercharge cable is non-twisting so you can stash it inside your bags and power boost anytime without the tangled mess. It has a snug-fitting, non-rusting port to avoid loose charging. Available in different  types, including apple interface, type-c interface, android interface and more.      

Tired of waiting powering up? Try this 6A super fast charging cord for an upgrade! 


  • Super Fast Charging
    An advanced 6A cord that delivers a safe accelerated charging speed which can efficiently boost your batteries in a flash. Saving you from the irksome waiting for your mobiles to fully power up unlike the standard chargers. This charging cord smart chip also allows you to enjoy a high-speed synchronization and transmission. Providing you an exceptional 480mbps data transfer which can stably move a 1G file to another device in just seconds.  

  • Constant Temperature 
    The fast charging cable offers excellent insulation and constant temperature performance. Allowing it to transport up to a maximum 66W without damaging or overheating your device and the cord itself. Moreover, it has an extended head cover for an additional protection to prevent burning out even when you optimize your phone while charging. It won’t break even when bent and it also helps to shield your cable so it won’t flex too much from its point of weakness.  

  • Flexible Nylon Thread
    It is wrapped with a high density nylon thread body that gives off a more flexible and stronger mechanical structure. It can endure an infinite bending, stretching, tugging and other extreme forms without damage. The cord is also non-twisting so you can store it inside your bag for an extra charge anytime, anywhere without tangling.    

  • Snug Fitting Port
    This supercharge cord is available in different port types, including apple interface, type-c interface, android interface and such. Each type is exquisitely crafted with a snug fitting design to keep it from loose charging. You can even play, watch, text or browse through your phone without it getting pulled out constantly when moved.  

  • Premium Material

    Made of high-quality quick charging 5 strand copper core material with a sturdy nylon braided cover. It provides an antioxidant process to ensure that it can last a long-lasting year without wearing, rusting or fading. 


  • Material: Nylon / Aluminium Alloy
  • Size: 1m
  • Color: Green / Black / Orange


  • 1 x Speedy-Charge Nylon Cable