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Fast Charging 180° Rotating Cable

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Fast Charging 180° Rotating Cable

Recharge your mobiles in no time even in use with this Fast Charging 180° Rotating Cable!

This universal charging cord is designed with a unique rotating feature that can be used in a convenient 90° to 180° style. Providing you a right angle, hassle-free charging position even when gaming, texting, web-browsing, video watching, online calls and such. It supports an impressive fast-charging 5V/4A,6A current speed that can fully boost your mobile in only an hour or less. What’s more? The rotating cable can also deliver a 480 Mbps transmission rate that enables you to quickly and stably transport any files at all times. 

The fast charging cable comes with an indicator light that automatically emits a safe blue illumination once it is charged. Moreover, it is available in different interfaces that are compatible with various mobile brands and models, including IPhones and Androids. Made with multi-strand tinned copper conductor and premium TEP outer shell for enhanced durability. It also offers an excellent flexibility that allows it to be fully rolled, bent or twist without tearing, deforming or interrupt charging. Making it a great charging cord that will assist you and keeps your phone fastly juice up even after multiple years of use.   

Give your device a lightning speed charging using this Fast Charging 180° Rotating Cable!


  • Unique 180° Rotating Design 
    An incredible charging cord that features a unique rotating design that lets your phone boost up in a convenient 90° to 180° style. It allows you to find the right angle on any position as you charge your phone without the need to forcefully bend the cord. Providing you a hassle-free charging while gaming, texting, web-browsing, tiktok, netflix, reading, video calls, online studies or even as you simply lay your device. This rotating cable has an excellent flexibility that enables it to be rolled, bent or twist without breaking or interrupt charging. 

  • High-Speed Charging 
    This 180° rotating cable offers an impressive fast-charging speed that can fully juice up your device in only a short amount of time. It can release a maximum power of 120 and delivers a continuous outstanding 5V/4A;6A current. No worries as this cable can perform a quick charging at all times whether your mobile is in use or not. What’s more? This charging cord supports a 480 Mbps transmission rate that can stably and rapidly move data from one device to another. Ideal for transporting photos, files, music, videos, movies, documents and even games.   

  • Charging Indicator Light 
    The fine quick charging cable supplies a handy light indicator that emits a night friendly blue illumination once connected. The light indicator will not light up when the charger is loose or not charging even when it is connected for more convenience. Furthermore, it allows you to quickly locate your device especially at night or any low light environments. This 180° rotating cord also equipped a built-in smart chip that automatically protects the device battery while optimizing charging speed. Preventing your mobile from overcharging or heating up even as you leave it alone for a prolonged period.  

  • Universal Compatibility
    This fast charge cord is available in different interfaces, including type C, android, and apple port. Suitable for various mobile brands and models like Iphone 13, Iphone 14 plus, Iphone 14 pro max, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 plus, S9 and so on. It even comes in long 1.2m(3.9ft) lengths so you won’t have to get stuck next to the wall socket anymore while charging.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality with a multi-strand thick tinned copper conductor with a graphene shielding and a flexible, reinforced TEP outer shell. It can even withstand 20000+ bending tests without damaging or deforming for a faster and secured charging.


  • Type: Micro / Type C / IOS
  • Color: Blue / Orange / Black

  • Length: 1.2m(3.9ft)


  • 1 x Fast Charging 180° Rotating Cable