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90° Soft-closing Hydraulic Hinge

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90° Soft-closing Hydraulic Hinge

Replace your old, rusty squeaking door hinges with these hydraulic cabinet bridge ones!

A heavy-duty bridge-shaped cabinet hinges that creates a smooth, natural door swinging motion and gentle shutting. Allowing you to easily open and close doors without the unwanted creaking and banging sounds. The door hinges are constructed with a thickened plate mounting which offers more support and stability even for weighty cabinet doors. It also comes with a multi-point rivet design to keep it from easily dismantling when force is used. Moreover, the bridge hinges provide enough tension that allows your door to perfectly shut and open in 90°.

These fine hinges supply pre-drilled standard positioning screw holes that enables you to quickly and easily install with no more complicated tools. Simply measure first both of the cabinet’s panel positions, mark out the holes, fix the hinge with screws and done. Suitable for all frameless cabinets, including kitchen cabinet doors, cupboard doors, bookshelves, wardrobe doors, shower room cabinet doors, and such. Constructed of cold-rolled steel materials and fine mirrored plating with great durability and anti-rusting performance.    

Don’t let your cabinetry doors bother you anymore and use these hydraulic cabinet bridge hinges! 


  • Soft-Closing Hinges
    These bridge-shaped cabinet hinges are equipped with an advanced hydraulic telescopic design and built-in damper system. It allows your cabinetry doors’ to stop an inch or so before it impacts the frame and gently eases it shut no matter how hard you swing. Making door closing and opening more smooth, natural and quiet at each course of usage. No more awkward creaking sounds and rough door swinging just to open your cabinets!   

  • Excellent Support
    The bridge hinges supply a thick plate mounting that attaches securely onto the panels to provide more support and stability even for weighty doors. It is also structured with multi-point rivet features to prevent it from dismantling easily even when you open and close your cabinets with force. Moreover, the hinges’ spring tube offers enough tension that will hold your door flawlessly shut and 90° open.
  • Easy Installation
    These soft-closing door hinges already come with standard positioning holes so you won’t have to pre-drill anymore. Also no hinge holes required! Saving you from time-consuming, destructive installation from your complicated tools! Simply measure the cabinet’s panel position, mark out the holes appropriately, install the hinge with screws on both surfaces to fix it and you're good to go.

  • Wide Application
    Can be applied to different types of frameless cabinets and other door connections. Suitable for kitchen cabinet doors, cupboard doors, bookshelves, wardrobe doors, shower room cabinet doors, and more possibilities. Applicable for full cover style, half cover style and also for no cover style installation.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, cold-rolled steel materials with doubled, mirrored plating finish. It has an excellent durability and anti-rusting performance that can withstand years of daily use without damaging or tarnishing.  


  • Size: 4 inch


  • 1PC / 2PCS / 4PCS of  90° Soft-closing Hydraulic Hinges